I believe love is a beautiful story, and that’s what I’m here to tell…



the story. that’s what it’s all about. your love is a beautiful, wonderful, brilliant, story. and that’s what i’m here to tell. whether it’s a big indoor religious church ceremony, a just-the-two-of-you elopement, or a small intimate wedding in Jurassic Park (nerd alert, that was my wedding) i am down for it. because it’s about you and your sweet babe’s story. whatever that looks like to you. i do this because i genuinely, down to my core, am obsessed with it. i love being there on a couples special day, documenting the pictures they will cherish for years to come. but i love the relationships i build along the way the most. this is why i do it.

photography to me is not what you see, but how you see it. my background is in photojournalism, so finding beauty in the small things is my forte. let's make some magic happen!

Based in Austin | Always up to travel for the raddest of people and sweetest of loves.

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A little bit about me…

  • the travel-wanderlust bug hit me hard at a young age (shout out to my flight attendant momma) and it changed everything. it opened my eyes to possibilities and wonder, and i am in awe of the cultures and people around us.

  • i grew up riding horses…the faster the better was my gig. hanging out at the stable was my favorite thing to do, and the smell of horses always brings me back to childhood.

  • tattoos are my jam…its a crazy addiction that i may regret later in life (actually #noregrets), but for now its rad and I like the meaning of each of them.

  • i’ve been known to break the rules to get the shot. think hopping barbed wire fences, and being shoved through broken warehouse windows…its worth it, trust me.

  • i have this dream of being a surfer, and living in a tiny bungalow in hawaii (hoping to make that happen someday)


Much love,