Surf Daze

I've always been drawn to surfing.  My uncle grew up surfing the California Coast, and for my birthday one year, he gave me the film "Step Into Liquid". It sparked my appreciation and curiosity for surfing. My family would visit Hawaii every year when I was a child, and we would sit for hours watching the pros surf pipeline. I was mesmerized by it. Watching men and women run into something so much bigger than themselves, without fear struck something in me. I think surfing is almost a metaphor for life. Every surfer falls off EVERY time and they have to get back on the board, paddle back out and go again. What an incredible reminder of life. Very quickly it teaches us to try things and be ok with risk and failure. It teaches us that failure leads to learning and opportunity, which then leads to improvement and success.

Corpus Christi is no Hawaii, but when you feel like Surfing and you live in'll do.

Kirsten Holliday