New Menu’s are my favorite thing to shoot, and Geraldine’s had me snap their new dessert Menu. Yolanda Diaz is the Executive Pastry Chef at Geraldine’s in Hotel Van Zandt. Sure she can make a mean cookie, but it’s her of-the-wall-creative desserts that bring people back. I sat down with her after we shot, and dug into the thought behind the new menu. She told me the dishes she chose to make are all a take on memories from her past. One of the dishes has chocolate covered sunflower seeds. She told me of the time she was studying in France and went with her girlfriend at the time out to the country side. She said they were walking around in this giant field surrounded by as-big-as-your-head sunflowers when her girlfriend snapped a photo of Yo in the sunflowers. She said that moment stuck out in her mind, and hence the detail of the sunflower seeds in the dish.